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By embracing your subconscious, you gain a different way of seeing and experiencing

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Lucidity combines a ‘Dream Diary’ and the ‘Reality Checker’ to influence the user’s sleep patterns. At any time of the day, you can record and listen back with the built-in recorder of the Dream Diary. It also has a replaceable notebook. Here you can write out dreams and keep track of how you feel. It may be that the same dream comes back regularly. By writing and reading back, these can be recognized.

The Reality Checker is a wristband that vibrates a few times a day. This is the signal to perform a reality check. Am I dreaming, or is this real? You will also receive this signal during your REM sleep. The combination of the Dream Diary and Reality Checker helps you dream lucidly. Together they help improve your sleep.

Lucidity has been nominated and chosen as the winner of the Propedeuse Golden Dot Awards 2018!

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Lucid Dreaming

“Do you have trouble dreaming? Or are you a difficult sleeper? Lucidity helps. Learn to guide your dreams and decide for yourself what happens at night. Defeat every nightmare and enjoy a good night’s rest. ”

How does Lucidity work?

Is it real or am I dreaming?

A few times a day a vibration is given by the wristband, the Reality-Checker. This is done to become aware of reality or a dream. After the vibration, the intention is to look at your hands or a text. When this is blurry or changed to another text it means you’re dreaming. Regularly performing reality checks will become an automatism. It will happen in the dream at some point.

Receive a signal in your dream

The wristband can measure the heart rate when you are in REM sleep, the dream phase. A light vibration is given via the wristband, without waking up. It recalls the daytime reality checks. The implementation of this raises awareness of the dream. Now is the time when you can start leading the dream yourself.

Record your dream in your DreamDiary

When you wake up, it’s important to think about dreams. Enter it through the recorder of the Dream Diary. This one will remember the dreams of a week. Listen back to the dreams when it comes out and write them down in the DreamDiary. It has been proven that writing makes the brain remember the story better. Remembering dreams is important to recognize patterns.

Patterns of dreams

It may be that the same dream returns regularly. This can be recognized by writing and reading back dreams. It is important to think about this dream. What would happen if this dream were consciously experienced and in charge? Think about this. If the dream occurs again, you are prepared for this.

Thanks to the pattern and together with the Reality Checker, dreams will be easier to recognize. Now dreams can be guided by you. And you are in control.


In the beginning of our process we made a number of sketches. Initially, it would be a product with a screen built into it. But because this would ultimately be prohibitive for many people, we solved this in another way, with a notepad!


It sounds simple, but sometimes it doesn’t have to be very complicated to find a solution. By doing research we got the inspiration to make a notebook with questions that match your dream. This way, as soon as he wakes up immediately, the user can easily record the dream without having to think hard. Thanks to answering the questions and writing down the dream, the user sees a pattern at some point.

End product

These are product photos of the DreamDiary and the Reality Checker.


Here you can see how the Dream Diary and the Reality Checker work. The Reality Checker indicates 3 different statuses. If it is green it means it is fully charged and you can use the Reality Checker. When the battery is running low, the color changes to red. While sleeping, the user keeps the Reality Checker on and as soon as he is in REM sleep, the color changes to blue.


“A special project, not only because of the conceptual level (where most solutions were habit-forming, this team comes up with the opposite, a product that should eventually make itself superfluous and REALLY help the user) but also the level of elaboration. A beautiful concept video, onepager and a physical prototype. All the work could have been submitted by a second-year team and it would still have been considered to be of a high standard. As you can see, nothing but praise from me for this team. ”

– K . Giuseppin