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BLOOK, interaction between books and humans

Interaction Design

Product design, Research


Shelf upon shelf lined with books can give us a feeling of wonder. But the traditional bookstore is in danger of disappearing from our street view. BLOOK combines the nostalgic feel and experience of a bookstore with the benefits offered by online retailers to compete in today’s market.

Online prototype INVISION: BLOOK Interactieve Tafel


With BLOOK, the benefits of an online retailer are combined with the nostalgic feel and customer experience of a real bookstore. In this way the consumer has the best of both worlds and the bookshops can once again compete with web shops. BLOOK is designed with organic forms. Not only does this fit better with the design of the store, but the surface of the table is closer to the user’s hand.

The table consists of several layers that include an RFID and NFC scanner. All books have an RFID chip. By placing the books underneath, the user experiences finding new recommendations at a new level. After this they can also pay directly contactless both by PIN and telephone.

Mobile Application

You can also use the interactive table without an account. It still shows you the suggested books and you can continue to explore BLOOK. The advantage with an account is that you can search back for saved books and purchases. Your account is linked via the mobile BLOOK app.

Book Storage

If the user no longer needs or wants to take the books with him, he can store them under the table in a compartment. They then do not have to walk back to the relevant floor to put the books back.

Interactive Table

From left to right you can see the process of the interactive table.

1. Place the book that you have selected under the table.
2. Make a choice between continuing with account or without account.
3. You will then see a screen with information and reviews about the book.
4. You will see related recommendations based on this book.
5. Click on the map to find the recommended book in the store.
6. Finally, you can view and pay for your shopping basket.


“Haar uitwerking van het concept was zeer volledig met meerdere middelen zoals posters, prototype, en een demo-video om de experience te versterken. Vanuit onderzoek heeft ze goed achterhaald wat de achterliggende wensen en behoeftes waren van de doelgroep en dit middels iteraties en testen verfijnd om tot een volwaardig product te komen dat zeker uitmuntend genoemd kan worden.”

– R. Logjes