Hi, Violet here!
By day I spend my hours as a UX designer, at night I’m a creative illustrator. I pet every Corgi I can find.

Let’s Get


My love for design started from an early age. I cut and paste my own magazines from the ones that came through the letterbox every week. I thought it was super cool to play with typography, to make collages and to merge these together. This love continued to flourish while I studied styling, interior and graphic design at Nimeto Utrecht.

After my graduation I worked at a cozy design agency where I could develop my passion into practice. My favorite moments of the day where brainstorming with clients about ideas and their branding. After 2 years of working at this company I noticed that I missed studying and was ready for the next challenge.

Now I’m currently studying Communication and Multimedia Design at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

My Creative

Art Outlet

Being a UX designer is my calling, but making art is my passion. I have had a desire to draw and make art for as long as I can remember. I want to create cute things, brighten people’s life and share the interests with each other. A few years ago I decided to open an Etsy shop and sell my art in the form of adorable stationery. I find a huge joy in making things by myself. From designing, creating, finishing and shipping. I love putting my attention into details.