Redesign the Public Library of Amsterdam

Offer a helping hand to refugees and immigrants trying to integrate into the Dutch culture by redesigning the website of the Public Library of Amsterdam (Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam – OBA).

UX design • Research • User Task Analysis • Persona • Interviews • Empathy Map • Usability Tests • Eye tracking

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Transavia Experience

Transavia wants to offer a special storytelling website to its customers. Before, during and after the trip, customers can read and view stories on a device of their choice. They do this while waiting, in between queues and during a long flight, flight or ride.

HTML, CSS • Visual Design • Wireflows • Microinteractions

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Do you have trouble dreaming? Or are you a difficult sleeper? Lucidity helps. Learn to guide your dreams and decide for yourself what happens at night. Defeat every nightmare and enjoy a good night’s rest.

Product Design • Research • Prototyping

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Shelf upon shelf lined with books can give us a feeling of wonder. But the traditional bookstore is in danger of disappearing from our street view. BLOOK combines the nostalgic feel and experience of a bookstore with the benefits offered by online retailers to compete in today’s market.

UX Design • Product Design • Prototyping • User Testing

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Additional Projects

I’m a digital magician. Watch how I transform numbers into shapes, conjure a scheming fox, and play with your senses!

Information Design • Motion Design • Visual Design • Animation • Illustration

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